Babies cry a lot. And this is perfectly natural. Crying is an act of getting attention as babies cannot tell what they want. Many times you will know the reason behind crying, be it wet nappy, hunger, tiredness, etc. But there might be occasions when crying will not stop even after adopting numerous pacifying tactics. This is obviously a moment of anxiousness for parents and care takers. Here are few reasons why baby cries:

Breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby

I am thirsty:

Make him/her drink water from spoon or bottle.

I am not comfortable:

Some babies are very sensitive and will protest if their clothes are too tight or if a soiled nappy is bothering them. Check if his/her nappy is clean and dry. By doing this you will also get an opportunity to check that a nappy tab isn’t too tight or that there isn’t something else about the clothing making them uncomfortable.

I am in pain:

Carefully listen to the tone in which baby cries. The baby often cries in a different tone than usual cry, to demonstrate urgency.

Look out for allergies or infection with health care provider. Try massaging baby’s stomach. Offer baby breast milk or change baby’s position. Giving few drops of infant colic aid like gripe water will help sometimes. Sing to baby, your voice will soothe him/her.

You can pick baby up and walk about with him/her – a sling can be helpful. Rocking gently up and down may calm baby. Call doctor if your baby has difficulty breathing through the crying, or if the crying is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Too much or too little milk:

Too much and too little milk may distress baby. Express little amount before feed and in later case meet your health care provider.

I am feeling sleepy but can’t sleep

Get your baby in quieter room and sing softly to him/her. Most babies love to be gently rocked. Pick up baby and walk around in the room or sit in a rocking chair. You can take baby in lighter or darker room. Some babies’ gets soothe in a very quiet background noises. You could try playing gentle music or singing a lullaby. A massage or a gentle rub on his/her back or tummy can also help.

Some babies get calmed when they are kept in baby sling. Special baby swings can soothe some babies, while others are comforted by being in rather faster motion and drop off almost as soon as they’re driven somewhere in a car.


Treat baby gently, sometimes in frustration or anger one shakes baby to make him/her stop crying. Remember babies have weak neck muscles and shaking your baby out of sheer frustration may have devastating consequences such as blindness, seizures, paralysis and developmental delays. Severe shaking may be life-threatening or even fatal.