Parenting is all about experimentation. Everybody seems to have an opinion on what’s good or bad for your kids. So, while there might be a long list of habits that you think your kids need to develop, here is a list of 7 that are a complete must have.

Whenever we come across misguided or imprudent adults, we invariably end up blaming their up-bringing. And you as parents are forever cautious with respect to what can be taught to your kids so that they do not falter in their lives as grown-ups. Although the list can go-on, read on to know the 7most desirable habits that if instilled in your child today, guarantee him a better tomorrow.

1. Leading a Healthy Lifestyle:

Leading a healthy lifestyle is possibly the most desirable trait that you can inculcate in your child during his early years of growth. If your child knows what is healthy and what isn’t, choosing between his meal options and his leisure time would come easy to him. Another aspect to be careful in this regard is making sure that your kid understands the difference between remaining physically thin and being healthy. So, while most kids grow-up with the idea that they must eat to remain thin (emulating their parents, of course) what they often miss out is that it’s more desirable to have a balanced diet to remain healthy. Remember, you might need to stop using phrases such a “going on a diet” before your kids.

2. Self Help:

In their over enthusiasm to do the best for their kid, parents often refuse to let their child do anything on his own. So, every time you are goaded to help your child in his assignments or even routine work – stop and think …. “Will this help my child become independent?” Go ahead only if the answer is in affirmative. It could be as simple a task as cleaning his cupboard or doing his holiday homework. If you cannot teach him the lesson on self-help you are raising a ‘liability’ who will go hunting for help every time he faces an issue in life rather than looking for solutions within.

Books, well; these are your child’s second set of parents and friends and a whole lot of other relationships that will help your child sail through the trickiest times of his life. Thankfully, we have books – we don’t have to experience everything that the world has gone through. We can learn about
them by merely reading. Just make sure you select his first set of books wisely.

4.Money Matters
The sooner your child understands the value of money, the better. Breakthe myth that money comes from the ATMs that readily dole out as much as one wants. Make sure your child understands that he needs to chose
and prioritize his wants. But, also ensure you do not infuse beliefs such as ‘Money is bad’ or ‘Money is difficult to be earned’. Remember, beliefs become thoughts and thoughts become reality.

5.Self Worth:
Make sure you constantly remind your child about his strengths. Encourage what he is good at and keep reminding him how proud he makes you.

These steps would not just help your kid grow into a confident adult, but would also help him stay away from abusive relationships in future.

6.Believing in Dreams
What is a human without dreams? Much like laughter without joy!! So, while we all love dreaming, we tend to lose faith in our dreams and start believing that they aren’t meant to turn true. It’s for you, as parents, to keep their hope in their dreams alive and teach them the power of manifestation. For it’s these dreams that turn into thoughts and thoughts become things in future.

7.Expressing Gratitude
We have all heard that the universe conspires to give us what we wish and dream for. But it doesn’t come unless we are thankful for what we already have. So, teach your kids to express their profound gratitude for every good that has happened to them. It might be a wonderful idea to encourage them to maintain a dream diary in which they could also jot down their daily gratitude too.

Like they say – “It’s never too early to develop good habits in your kids”. If you are convinced of the benefits that these habits might usher, the right time to instill them and make sure they become a part of your kid’s life is – NOW…!