One must seek a nurturing touch throughout pregnancy. Whether it is from your partner, family members, friends or a professional massage therapist, a massage can be emotionally uplifting.

However, there are cases and occasions when no one is available. In such cases, a self massage can bestow similar benefits.

An oil massage followed by a warm aromatherapy bath before going to bed can be the best thing. It not just rejuvenates you but also helps tackle insomnia, a common problem witnessed during pregnancy.

Here are a few tips:

Warmer and heavier oils – Seasme, walnut, almond

Cooler oils – Coconut, olive, avocado

Lighter oils – Sunflower, mustard seed, safflower

Self Massage

Try the following procedure before and after bath daily.

Time: 5 to ten minutes

  • Warm up the oil under hot water.
  • Pour small amount of oil in hands and massage your scalp with fingertips in small, circular motion. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation.
  • Gently massage area behind the ear as it holds the connecting points for numerous nerves. A soft massage gives a real soothing feeling.
  • Pour some more oil and in circular motion massage temple, forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, jaws, mouth and chin. Do massage the front and back side of neck.
  • Next massage your arm with strong circular motion on joints and back and forth motion on long bones.
  • Be gentle over your trunk. With long circular motion massage your breast, belly and lower abdomen.
  • Massage your legs and feet with exactly the same way you did to your arms, circular motion on joints and back and forth on long bones.

Let the oil seep into your body. This thin layer of oil will also nourish and protect your skin. Take a shower after the massage, wash with mild soap.