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Yogasanas for children :


We all know about the usefulness of yoga . The whole world has now followed our steps and celebrate International Yoga day with pomp and splendour . Yoga has become the key to maintain a healthy body with purity of mind . Kids must be motivated to start yoga . This would give them the ground to develop themselves physically , mentally and spiritually .
There are hundreds of asanas in yoga . All of them have specific age criteria and rules for performing . They all are intended for specific purposes . Similarly , there are certain asanas which can be tried by the kids .
One such asana is Pranamasana – the namaskar posture which is good for blood circulation . Another one is Hastautasana , which helps in the strengthening of body muscles . Padmasana is effective for legs , it reduces leg stiffness . Dandasana enables flexibility in wrist joints .
Initially , the yogasanas might feel a bit difficult . It is advisable to start in smaller sets and then increase the same over time . The kids may feel pain at first and may make excuses to avoid the same next day . But this should not be allowed as it will make them let go of their exercising habits . It is important for us as parents to guide and motivate them in order for their well being .

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