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Why should we take our kids to science planetariums?


In order to make our kids learn about our vast Galaxy-comprising of the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the Milky Way, the revolution of planets around the Sun, the Earth’s rotation and other scientific concepts regarding the atmosphere and its features-we can take our kids to science planetariums.

Many Schools also take their students to those centres as a part of educational trips. They usually have a a Dome shaped theatre on which they show our Galaxy with the help of projections- explaining about the rotation of our planets, the satellites, about the Milky Way, the black holes etc.

It allows the students to explore science in an interactive way- they would see the planets of the space which they read about in books and see them coming alive in front of their eyes. Some of thd planetariums have space shows with 3-D projection qualities to make the experience even more realistic for them. Who knows search shows can make a kid fall in love with astronomy?

Moreover, such places also exhibit several scientific tools, experiments which they can see as a part of their exploration. Hence, they must be taken to such places at least once. The tickets are also lower in price and they are easily affordable. Some of the famous planetariums are Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium in Delhi, Birla planetarium in Kolkata etc.

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