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Why should we take our kids on holidays?


All of us deserve a break at least once in a year from our hectic daily life activities -be it academic or professional or household activities in order to recharge ourselves and start with new motivation when we come back.
As adults, we feel so and so do the kids. They too deserve a break, as they are usually caught up all round the year with school curriculum, exams, projects, group discussions, annual functions, tuitions and what not.
They get tired, exhausted, get mentally fatigued as well. In order to give them respite from the hectic lifestyle, parents must plan a holiday with them at least once a year.
It has several advantages as well. First of all, they get a break from their daily schedule which acts as a mood freshener not only for them but for the entire family, providing them the time to bond among themselves which does not happen quite often in the normal days.
They get to explore during their journey- like a long-distance train journey on journey by flight which is always quite exciting and rejuvenating. They get to explore the tourist destinations, try their cuisine. They meet new people, learn about the history, geographical features- through this they are able to have a cultural interaction, which expands their horizon of knowledge.
When they come back, they usually have some kind of development as a person and it gives them energy to continue there usual life activities. This would give them vital life experiences, which might be beneficial for them in the long run.

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