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Why should Kids read Ruskin Bond?


Ruskin Bond needs no special introduction. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the modern times. He has written novels, short stories. He is also known as one of the finest writers of Children’s Literature, writing over 40 books for kids.
Kids can be made to read his stories, as they do have a sense of connection with nature and learn about compassion and other emotions.
Ruskin Bond’s most famous short story- The Blue Umbrella has been adapted into a film by the renowned film director Vishal Bharadwaj. The story circles around a little girl Who receives a blue umbrella as a gift from a Chinese traveler. Now her umbrella becomes an object of envy for the rest of the villagers and later, a shopkeeper takes the umbrella deceitfully from her. The rest of the story centers around her attempts of revival from the same and it would end with a nice twist. This story lets the kids to know about the lessons of morality and about compassion and forgiveness.
The Cherry Tree is a story about a boy who spends his time in the garden, taking care of a tree, whose sampling he had received from his elders.
All the short series have something in common-element of compassion and love towards nature. If the kids are able to go through his stories, they would not only get an idea of vocabulary, his arrangement of words: they would also become better as a human being. So, it is advisable for the kids to go through the works of Ruskin Bond.

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