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Why do kids love superheroes ?


Kids greatly adore superheroes. They are someone who are larger than life – they do heroic deeds and cannot be equated with a mere human. They may be mortals or immortals. They have a certain charm, aura which makes the kids fall in love with them.

A superhero can have entire noble values in them but at times , may have flaws as well. Kids see them as icons and they desire to be like one of them when they grow up. We have ample of superheroes nowadays – be it spiderman, superman , black panther , captain marvel , batman , ant-man and what not .

Modern day superheroes can be of any gender or may be gender-fluid, which is quite progressive. They do have special abilities :they may have the power to fly , create alternate realities , use super cool gadgets – all for defeating their arch enemies.

Kids adore them for their battles against injustice. It widens their imagination, which makes them wonder as to how they end up doing such deeds. All these may motivate them to invent new technologies in future. They realize about their moral duties and at times relate themselves with the emotions portrayed by them- sacrifice, love, pain, brotherhood and what not. But at the same time, the kids must maintain the difference between reality and imagination, as these characters are just a work of fiction.

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