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Vedantu , Meritnation Turning Out to be Saviors for School Going Children


It has been more than a year since the schools have closed down due to the pandemic . Students , especially the ones of junior classes are forced to stay at home and attend their schools through the online mode .

The kids are missing out on valuable school experiences due to this situation . Those experiences are vital for their growth and development as they get to know about outside world , about people and about various other life skills , which they are missing out .

Moreover , the offices have now opened – which means that the parents are now forced to leave their kids back at homes for their work and they may not end up getting adequate academic assistance .

Fortunately for them , coaching platforms like Vedantu , Meritnation , Byju’s , Toppr are providing much needed academic assistance to kids .

They can assist the children with their day-day school education through their learning modules . They usually provide free demo classes , on the basis of which their packages can be subscribed to .

These platforms can provide individual assistance to the kids – through proper doubt clearing sessions , addressing of individual questions , well detailed lectures , study materials , mock test , revision classes , weekly tests .

They even provide detailed analysis of test answers – allowing the parents to know about the strengths and weaknesses of their kids , so that they can work on them accordingly and improve their performance over the time . They are easy to use and the kids would not face any difficulty of learning from the same . These platforms have also witnessed a sharp increase in enrollment by school kids in this period and their importance would increase even more in the time to come .

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