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Usefulness of Smartphones for kids :


We all have a fair idea that smartphones are harmful for kids and they should have a restricted access of the same . The phones have the ability to harm the mental health of kids – they may get agitated , might become aggressive and restless . Their concentration , attention span may get affected and they may face problems to interact with others , forming a world of their own .
But , having said that , a smartphone has its fair share of advantages as well . Kids can utilize these phones to access several journals , databases , websites to get knowledge on various aspects like nature , general knowledge , sports and what not .
They can see youtube videos to learn about their subjects , concepts like coding and scientific experiments .
Online education has gained much importance nowadays , so kids can partake online classes from vedantu and other platforms .
They can use the phones for other works like video editing , coding – from which they can end up building a good career for themselves . So , it is important to have a balanced approach while dealing with the marvels of science to get the best results .

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