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Under-privileged students hit by cash-crunch amidst Covid-19:


Due to the ongoing covid-19 crisis, a lot of students had to give up their studies. Since the education system has shifted online, requiring high usage of Internet and subsequent electronic devices, a lot of students had to discontinue their studies over the time as they could not afford the same in the times of dwindling income of their parents, caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Some of the students do require sponsorships for higher studies, for example those students who come from extreme poverty backgrounds require sponsorship  from honourable people, NGOs to fund their studies.

Over the time, this has decreased. A lot of people have withdrawn their support causing the students to discontinue their studies and this has been increasing at an alarming rate. Some of the schools in Calcutta have reported massive drop in students enrolled for classes because of lack of sponsorship. The sponsors are withdrawing their support or are not responding to requests and we cannot really blame them, due to the financial crisis caused by lockdowns, loss of jobs, reduction of salaries.

So, this is a testing time for the students from underprivileged backgrounds. The  Government now has to  provide some kind of assistance to such students, so that they don’t have to depend on any sponsorship from private organizations and can continue their studies freely without any fear of losing out of education.

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