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Teenager triumphs at Olympics:


Tokyo 2021 Olympics recently witnessed a new world record. 13-year-old Japanese Momiji Nishia won the gold medal in the skateboard championships. She is the youngest athlete ever to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

Her competitors were from the young age group only. The silver medal was won by the reigning champion Rayssa Leal from Brazil, another 13-year-old girl. Funa Nakayama came 3rd.

Nishia had to face stiff competition from their end. She initially struggled in the earlier rounds but the final attempt allowed her to get 4.66, which was enough for her to win the gold medal.

It was double glory for Japan because in the men’s event Japan had claimed gold medal.

Nishia’s victory would allow more girls to take up physical sports and would allow the removal of gender-based barriers from sports. It is surely a moment of jubilation for all, especially for the host country.

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