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Talented Child Athletes stealing the show :


Children must be encouraged to take up sports – not necessarily outdoor games , but any sport which would be good for their development . Modern day kids specially need this encouragement . Due to the increase in popularity of fast foods and internet games , the kids are becoming lazy and are leading a sedentary lifestyle – leading to obesity , heart diseases and other problems . They may fall in depression as well .
So , modern day kids need sports to stay active and healthy . Through participation , they would learn concentration building , team spirit and mental development – like judgement making capability, mental alertness etc . Who knows if they actually end up taking them seriously , they may end up developing a career out of it .
Several child athletes are performing so well in sports , that they have managed to catch the attention of the global audience . They have become superstars in their respective fields .
R Praggananandhaa is creating waves in the arena of the chess. He became a chess grandmaster at the age of 12 , when most of us actually start to learn about chess . There is Pooja Bishoi of Rajasthan , a 14 year old who is excellent in track field events . Berto is another athlete , who is a skill wizard in football .
It is important to keep up the momentum and motivation going in order to stay fit and excel in sports . All of the kids are not expected to become sportspersons , but they can at least take part in them to keep themselves fit and fresh .

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