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Some of the greatest innovations by kids :


9Kids never fail to surprise us – they are the powerhouse of talents and creativity . Kids nowadays are quite smart and inquisitive and they are well versed with Internet and technology . But it is quite remarkable to know that some of the basic things that we use today have been invented by children a while back .
We all have seen a trampoline and we might have jumped and bounced on it , enjoying like anything . It is quite interesting to know that it was infact invented by a child named George Nissen in 1930 . He was inspired by the trapeze acts , where one had to fall over the nets . He came up with a possibility – what if they could jump up from that very place and hence ended up making a trampoline .
Bacon is another such item that we consume quite often , especially in the US . Bacon has been there since ages , but a young boy named Abbey Fleek came up with a nice idea named Makin Bacon – which is a microwave stand which allowed the bacon to cook better .
We must also acknowledge the contribution of Louis Braille for inventing The Braille system of learning , which has allowed several people , disadvantaged due to blindness to get educated and establish a name for themselves in society and it is to be noted that he developed the same when he was about 15 years of age .
Some of the other materials – like fireworks , snowmobiles have been conceived out of the ideas of children . Really , they are the gift of god and we should support their innovations , ideas in order to help the society to grow .

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