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Schools celebrating annual functions online:


The ongoing pandemic has brought on unprecedented changes in the way we function. It has been over a year since the kids’ offline  classes have stopped and they are continuing their studies over the Internet, losing out  on probable opportunities to create wonderful memories in schools.

Everything has come over online mediums now- be it classes, quizzes and so do the annual functions. It was a challenge initially to conduct an annual function program online as nobody had done that before and the schools cannot be opened just for celebrating such programs due to covid based protocols and restrictions.

The schools are coming up with innovative ways to celebrate the same. They are doing it with the purpose of providing a break to the students amidst their study schedule, in order to make learning interesting for them as well as allowing them to explore their own talents, creativity giving them the freedom to just participate and not fear about anybody’s perceptions.

It is very benefiting for those who have stage fright. The schools are asking the junior students to record events like their recitation, poetry, singing, dancing which the schools are uploading and showing during the time of function.

They are asking the respective guests to register online through an online platform like zoom to see and preside over such events. The children are uploading their art work pics, essays in such platforms for guests, so they can see and read them along and they are having friendly one to one discussions and can  freely pass on their opinions.

The children are also getting to know the guests more personally since there is no gap between them.

This is how schools are innovating stuff to celebrate events online. As  we don’t know when the effect of covid will reduce or schools getting the chance of reopening in the future, this is the way forward.

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