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Safer Video Games for Kids :



Video games are naturally seen in a negative light by the parents . It is fair for them to believe so – as we all have seen instances that video games inciting people to commit crimes like murder , theft . Some of the people got so engrossed in them that they lost connection to the outside world , becoming socially isolated . Some of them got affected by mental health issues due to this – like depression , anxiety , loss of concentration etc

On the other hand , we have also seen Gaming as  upcoming career options . There are a lot of e-sports teams providing contracts to gamers for playing on their behalf . Also , the gamers can earn money through live streaming of gameplays in various platforms . Also , they are representing their countries at national level events .

Hence , one can make a decent living through games . Parents can infact encourage gaming for their kids – infact there are several games that can benefit a child immensely .

They can play games like minecraft – which allows them to build cities , improving their analytical and creative skills . They can also play mario go kart , Lego online and other such games . They are child friendly , non violent and are interesting to play .

However , the parents need to supervise their initial playing times , so that they do not end up developing gaming addiction and can devote equal period of time to all of their activities .This is how they would be able to learn good aspects from such games .

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