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Raising kids having disabilities:


During the process of development of a child, several genetic mutation and other changes can take place and the baby born may have some form of deformities or disabilities.
This makes the rearing of the child bit difficult because at first, they do not conform to the standards set by the society. They are perfectly normal but the society terms them as abnormal or special child.
It becomes very difficult for the parents as well as well as the kids to have a normal life as they are either made to feel very inferior and in need of extra care.
They are not treated at par with other. So, what the parents can do is they can make their kids believe that they are not inferior and they have their own set of talents which they can work on to move ahead in their lives.
They must not be made to lead a very restricted life, away from all social gatherings, as it would cause a sense of disbelief or lack of confidence among the kids.
They have to make their kids mentally strong, as society would judge them in one way or the other. They must not be bothered by such remarks of the people add instead must focus on themselves and how they can adjust to their problems and carve out a path for themselves.
A mentor can be set up for them with whom they can consult and seek inspiration from to move ahead in their lives and have a positive outlook towards the same.

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