Everything to do with pregnancy and infant care


Things to remember during pregnancy


PREGNANCY is a series of change that takes place in women’s body as a result of developing fetus. The entire process from fertilization to birth takes on an average of 266 days to 270 days or 9 months.


1) Eating healthy in a right way

Each morsel you put in your body also goes to the baby.
According to the research, “you should consume more than 300 calories during your pregnancy phase ’’.
Always take a balanced diet such as lean red meat, dried beans, nuts etc.

2) Prenatal visit (Gynaecologist Visit)

Make it a priority to visit your personal gynaecologist regularly.
Regular check-up leads you to know more about your baby’s health conditions.

3) Get a routine

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor for a regular and proper routine which includes a sleep of at least 7 -8 hours, protein, iron-rich food in your diet, go for a walk, exercise daily.

4) Make yourself happy daily

Talk to yourself and to your family, spend some time in the spa, and try to involve yourself in some fun activities such as painting ,writing etc.
Activities like watering or speaking to the plants etc. are quite calming and enjoyable.

5) Pregnancy don’ts

Don’t smoke
Don’t drink alcohol
Don’t drink a lot of caffeine
Don’t sit in a hot tub

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