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Pre-schooling for kids :


Pre-schooling has achieved an important status.  Pre-schooling allows the kid to learn about classroom experience and mentally prepares them for the academic life ahead. They get to interact with the outside world , form bonding with others and learn to deal with instructions and responsibilities.

Times have changed. Parents pay a good deal of attention to the schooling of their toddlers. It is not that the kids immediately start learning about numbers and alphabets. At first, the kids are engaged in game-based activities like merry-go-round and all.

Next , they might be given training on basic behaviors – like permission taking and others. As they get used to the school surroundings , the schools start teaching them alphabets and numerical operations.

The purpose of  playground activities is not only for acclimatization to surroundings but it also allows the kids to interact among themselves, develop friendship , understand others emotions, behaviors and thought patterns.

Pre-schooling is an important business venture nowadays. This is primarily run by private organizations – which are mostly multi-national brands. Kidzee is the most popular institution in this arena. They are one of the pioneers in this field and are well equipped with technology based curriculum for kids.

Euro kids is another such venture. They provide a 10:1 student-teacher ratio for a better educational environment . Other good schools include Kangaroo Kids , Hello Kids etc.

So , the parents would now have to look through the options and select the best school for their toddlers as per their budget. They have to work in co-ordination with such schools in order to make their kids habituated to curriculum based learning .

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