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Powdered milk for kids :


All the new-borns, till they reach  six months of age  must be breast fed. But some problems may happen at times,  like the mother may end up  suffering from some diseases or the kids having a difficulty to digest breast milk.

The doctor may suggest them to shift their kids to powdered milk diet. The powdered milk is made of vaporising the liquid milk, which is  given to the kids in a feeding bottle.

it has its pros and cons which must be analysed accordingly. The powdered milk is full of nutrients. It has all the nutrients required for the baby. Secondly, they are not related to the mothers ‘diet. This kind of milk can be prepared anywhere, anytime provided you have water and the milk powder. As they are packaged goods, they are easy to  carry as well.

It also prevents infections to the nipples of the mother. However, it has its disadvantages as well. They do not ensure the formation of proper antibodies in the babies, as they are only derived from the mothers’ milk.

They are quite costly as well and  some kids may face difficulty in digesting the same. Milk powder can only be administered to the kids on the advice of the physicians, if breastfeeding is not possible.

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