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Popular Indian snack brands loved by kids:


We must admit that we all love to eat snacks and kids love it too. Although it is not good to consume snacks on a daily basis but the kids can surely have  them once in a while,  maintaining a proper balanced diet.

Over the years, a lot of brands have come up in the market which has gained quite  popularity among the kids. One of such brands is Cadbury. Everyone loves Cadbury- the chocolate bars which has undergone a lot of improvement over the years: from Cadbury wowies to Cadbury silk. It is also availavle in the form of gift packs.

Oreo cream biscuits are also quite popular nowadays and is available in India in flavours of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. They act as perfect snack items and can be consumed with  milk as well.

Regarding candies, Parle’s kaccha mango bites, Cadbury eclairs, alpenlibleare also quite famous among  the kids. They have a good after taste  and doesn’t readily melt into the mouth, hence  they can be enjoyed for a while. In the case of snacks, Lays still enjoys a lot of popularity for its for the potato  chips, having flavours of  onions, salted , chilli etc.

In soft drinks, Coca Cola, Sprite leads the race and Amul  ice creams are fan favourites.

Although  it is not advisable to consume them on a daily basis, the kids can have them in case of any occasions and if they do consume it, it must be done by maintaining a proper limit.

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