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Physical Activities for kids :


The modern day kids are more suited to live their life ‘online’- over social media handles, online games , movies, TV shows. They have a packed up schedule of school curriculum and tuitions . Hardly they get time to play outdoor physical sports like cricket , football etc. Instead, they seek relaxation through Clash of Clans , Pubg and what not.
All these sedentary lifestyle practices are causing obesity, heart diseases , vitamin deficiencies and other health issues in kids. The young age group now have diabetes , high cholesterol , blood pressure – which is quite alarming .
If not Physical sports , the kids must take out some time to indulge in other outdoor physical activities. A simple task they can do is cycling- they can go tuitions by cycling or do some cycling in early hours of morning. This activity is good for body muscles and balancing .
The kids can also do a bit of running or jogging. For this , they can do 2-3 rounds of the same on their terrace, garden etc . They can also enroll in swimming, which is an individual sport and it also acts as a life saving skill. If possible , they can enroll in zumba classes as well.
These are some of the ways in which kids can keep themselves fit and healthy in order to survive and work in this competitive world. Only proper health can allow them to work hard for their goals and aspirations.

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