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Music and kids:


Music is one of the finest work of art- we live for music. It is not necessary for someone to be a singer or a musician to enjoy music. Enjoying a nicely composed piece of tune has no age, caste, creed requirements. Anyone can make an attempt to sing. It may not be perfect or artistic – but it acts as soul-satisfying for a person who attempts the same.

Kids do have an affinity for music. They might not recognize or understand the spoken words or lyrics, but they would identify that particular tone and vibe to the same , just as they do when they hear the  background score of their favorite cartoon shows on TV.

They start to recognize words when they enter into the toddler stage – they would enjoy the verses- which might be nonsensical in nature.

They start to differentiate songs as per their taste when they reach to the age of 8 years. They develop their taste – whether to follow rock music , modern music etc.

Parents can introduce soft music to the babies at first – in order to reduce restlessness and develop their interest. Loud music should be avoided at first and the kids must be allowed to make themselves familiar with this art form. Later on, other forms of music can be introduced to them. Researches have shown that music actually helps to improve concentration in kids . If earned properly , kids can make a career out of music.

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