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Mental health of children amidst this pandemic :


The Covid- 19 pandemic has created an adverse effect in the minds of the people . The people are being forced to live in confined spaces of their homes . All are living in anxiety – we all are anxious about the possibility of getting affected by this virus , about our future , finances , jobs and what not .

But it is quite disheartening to know that even children are getting greatly affected by mental health issues in this pandemic . England has witnessed a 26 percent increase in the administering of anti depressant medicines to kids in 2020 .

We all expect the children to stay happy and cheerful , full of energy and life . But this pandemic has turned everything upside down . Children are living a restricted life within indoors , with little or no contact with friends and outside world . They are mostly spending their time online – be it for classes , or video games . They are not getting the chance to learn and interact with others physically – which is harming their growth and development . They are getting trapped in this environment – hence they are developing mental health issues .

The parents here need to play a proactive role to spend time with their children , interact with them and try to help them to stay positive . They can play board games , cook together , read stories – in order to reduce the anxiety and improve their mood and provide full support to them in this tough times .


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