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Kids bringing in technical revolution :


With the progress of science and technology over the period , life is becoming easier . We now live in an Internet dominated age , which is being used by all to solve the modern day problems .
Nowadays , most of the households have a smartphone with 3G/4G internet connection and with the simplicity of its usage , even the kids now can use the basic internet things like whatsapp , youtube etc .
It is great to know that the toddlers are using technology to turn into app innovators . The children nowadays are more advanced , smart and dedicated to bring about changes in the society . They are ending up doing such remarkable things which we could never think about doing in our young ages .
With the popularity of Internet and coding , children are taking interest in this field and are coming up with applications that can be used to solve daily life problems . There is an app named Ambulance whizz, made by 12 year old Brinda Jain . The app aims to help the ambulances to reach their destination as quickly as possible by working in co-operation with the police force .
We can also look up to Jishnu from Assam , who has made the Light Bag App , which aims to manage the load of schoolbags of children .
There is another app , named Parent.ely , made by Anish which allows children to stimulate virtual parent behaviors , especially for those who have lost their guardians .
So ,we see the kids are coming up with innovative creations and are making attempts to contribute to the wellbeing of the nation. Not only in technology , but we are seeing a major uprising of talents in music , sports , literature and various other fields . It can be said that the future of our country is in safe hands .

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