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Kids and online exams :


It has been over a year since the closure of schools due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The kids are losing out on a host of experiences like bonding with friends, adjusting to surroundings, playtime, bonding with teachers, performing in programmes and what not. The kids are being made to suffer for no fault of theirs. Their studies are suffering as well.

Since all the classes and exams have shifted online, their motivation for studying has gone down significantly. They no longer pay proper attention to the teacher. At times, parents take up most of the class notes in their place and create a hindrance during class lectures.

Since all the homework is mostly submitted in MS-word form nowadays, teachers are not able to determine whether they are original work or have been copied or done by others. It might give an impression to the teachers that students are doing well in class, but the reality might be something else.

This problem gets compounded during exams. There is no such full-proof method of conducting a fair exam via online mode- because of network and lack of adequate devices. So, many of the student do cheat from the Internet or their parents at time help or even write the answers on their behalf.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the teachers as well as the parents to ensure that the kids are putting hard work and honest efforts in their studies and must be motivated to do the same- through clear explanation, reinforcements etc. Parents have to be tough and encourage their wards that learning and not marks, have the ultimate importance. Then only they would end up studying seriously, which is the need of the hour.

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