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Is homeschooling at all a viable option of education?


Home schooling would have a lot of responsibilities for the parents to carry out, regarding the education of their kids. They not only have to invest in creating a proper study schedule like that of  school , they also have to provide infrastructure, lesson plans, study materials, Co curricular activities and what not.

The procedures should be equivalent to the school education. The parents also have to look after proper covering of the topics and its revision by their children.

Home-schooling has its own advantages. The parents can now fully have education plans dedicated for their kids and there would be no competition from others and so they would be able to learn on their own pace. There would be no issues of bullying or accidents like that of school. The kids would face no unjust pressure of scoring well in exams; hence they would feel interested in their study curriculum and can learn at their own pace.

This process has its fair share of problems as well. The parents have to invest significant period of time at home for the study purposes of their kids, which may hamper their income prospects. Also, the quality may not always match up to that of schools and by not attending schools, the kids are probably missing out on a lot of opportunities of socialization and life experiences, which may hamper them later in their lives. They might not get the motivation to study because of lack of any kind of competition or urgency. So, all of these things must be kept in wild while opting for home schooling.

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