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Interest of kids in building career through social media :


Social media has now become accessible for all. If one has a stable internet connection / data packs , they can create accounts in social media platforms . This media has become quite important nowadays and it can influence the citizens to a great extent . The growth of social media has led to the creation of new jobs like social media managers , where the appointed personnel manage the social media pages of a particular  organization.

Also , youtube and instagram are being used extensively to earn money – it has opened up new career options like social media influencers , content creators from which one can have a healthy income .

Naturally , this has attracted the attention of the modern day kids . As they are getting exposed to such medias at an early age , they are developing a keen interest over its proceedings . Moreover , several youtubers like Ashish Chanchlani and others have become quite successful and they are making quite innovative contents and kids are getting influenced by the same . Some of the kids are contemplating to take up youtubing as a career option – through live streaming of games , creation of funny , serious contents , showcasing artworks , literary crafts through social media etc . It can be safely said that multiple career opportunities are opening up due to Internet connection improvements and it is expected that a lot of children would actually have a good career through Internet , if they use it wisely . un

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