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Indigestion in Kids:


When they are toddlers, parents take extra special care about the diet of their kids. As they grow up and start going to outside places like schools, it becomes impossible for the parents to have a strict control over what they are eating.

So, if they end up having anything unsuitable for their body or their digestion process, they may end up suffering from indigestion. It is mainly due to the erosion of the protective covering of stomach by the acids present in the stomach itself, which is the Hydrochloric acid.

The symptoms may vary from nausea, bloating flatulence, stool problems, fullness in stomach causing the inability to eat properly.

In most cases the problem may be resolved within a few days, but in case if the problem does not go away within a short period of time and if we see some other issuess like presence of blood in stool and other such things, the kids must be taken to the doctor.

In most cases, they might be resolved by the administering of antacids. In serious cases, the doctor may ask to get an x-ray, Endoscopy and might suggest critical medicinal procedures.

This disease is triggered by acid reflux, improper diet, obesity etc. In order  to reduce indigestion, proper exercise, proper balanced diet must be followed. Fatty foods must be reduced and food must be eaten by maintaining proper intervals. By following all these procedures , indigestion can be avoided in kids.


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