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India lagging behind in essential child vaccinations in the wake of Covid-19:


Due to the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, the Asian countries, especially India is struggling to meet its target of immunization doses for kids. Newborns, toddlers need vaccination against a host of diseases- like pox, polio, hepatitis etc. All the scheduled doses of those vaccines must be followed properly in order to keep your child healthy.
However, all of this has gone for a toss in this Covid situation. Government is busy arranging and administering Covaxin, Covidshield vaccines to its citizens. This pandemic has proved to be disastrous for all. We must keep in mind that the health risk posed by Covid is way lesser than the diseases like cholera, polio etc.
In 2020, it has been reported that over 3 million people in Asia could not receive such immunizations due to Covid and India contributes a large share of the same. This is a serious issue and it needs immediate attention.
We have to keep our guard up against Covid , but not at the expense of other vaccination programmes. The Government can create two separate schedules for vaccinations – one for Covid and the other for polio, hepatitis vaccination for kids. This would keep the immunization drive going. Some other suitable measures are also needed to be derived in order to keep our future generation safe and healthy.

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