The age between 6 months and 1 year is a crucial one for the baby. The baby, while being attached to his/her roots, learns the concept of independence. As independent crawling and moving about sets in, the phase of exploring and investigating things also takes center stage.

Between the ages of 6 months to 8 months, almost all babies can get themselves into the sitting position without support.

By the time they are 8 months old, almost half of them can pull themselves to a standing position. Once the infant can pull him/her self to a standing position, he or she can probably move about by holding onto fixed objects, such as tables, chairs, and crib sides.

Most of the eight month babies are quite expert crawlers, and tend to rely on this mode of moving around as to explore the environment. Crawling is the primary means by which an infant between the age of six months to 1 year gets to things and sometimes to the amusement of the parents ‘into’ things as well.

At this age, the infant is quite strong in grasping things into his/her hands, and almost all of them can also pass things from one hand to the other. Infants at this age enjoy interaction games a lot and like to seek attention of their parents at all times.

Some of the most favorite games of infants at this age are handing toys or objects to adults and then receiving them back.

They also enjoy dropping the objects and seeing the adults following them and picking up all. These ‘drop and pick’ activity continues till the time they are tired or find something else more amusing.

As for food, infants of this age start taking three meals a day with additional inputs of milk feed as fill-ups especially early in the morning and before going to bed.

They probably have some teeth and enjoy biting on pieces of food. Adults need to be cautious and watchful as the risk of chocking increases. Infants by now have learnt to drink liquids from a cup and most mothers stop breast feeding by this age and switch to dairy milk.

Infants usually start walking without any assistance by the time they turn one. Walking independently further adds wings. The parents, however, need to be extra cautious.

The world is now open to the little individual and he/she will move towards everything that interests him. The infant now learns new things practically every hour and is extremely interested in the environment around him.