Travel, for work or pleasure – has become a way of life for many women, and it is not often easy to leave it behind for nine months.

With doctor’s permission, most women who have healthy pregnancies have no difficulty travelling. But there are certain considerations to be kept in mind. In general, the second trimester is the best time to travel. At that time the queasiness of the first three months has probably passed. So has the risk of miscarriage.

Also, the body has adjusted to the pregnancy and the due date is still far enough.

While miscarriage risk are high in the first trimester, the third trimester brings with it difficulties in mobility and bladder define capacity that makes travel unpleasant.

Many gynecologists discourage traveling to far away destinations during this period. Not only is it uncomfortable, it may also be dangerous if one enters into premature labor.

Important considerations while traveling:

Air Travel:

Most experts feel that traveling in properly pressurized aircrafts offers no usual risk to pregnancy.

  • When traveling by air, make sure you drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, which is a common pregnancy complaint while flying.
  • Avoid the smoking section, if there is one.
  • It can be helpful to stroll down the aisles of the plane as frequently as one can – this will help keep the circulation flowing and relieve swollen veins.
  • Remove your shoes. Also, if you have a vacant seat next to you, put your feet up.

On the Road:

While traveling by car, undertaking short trips generally presents no problem, longer trips, however may be fatiguing, particularly if you are in the driver’s seat.

  • Once you reach the end of your pregnancy, prefer someone else driving.
  • Stop and stretch or go to the bathroom at regular intervals. Don’t withhold urine; it can lead to Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Wear a seat belt with the bottom belt across your lap, not over the abdomen define.

Train Journey:

Commercial transport including train travel can be quite safe and comfortable. Traveling by train is probably the best choice whenever required. There is a lot of room for you to rest and space to walk around. No bumps! No driving worries!

  • Stretch your legs every hour or two.
  • Get assistance to lift your luggage into the overhead rack.

Taking a cruise or an ocean voyage:

Sea travel can upset your stomach. So, if you have never been on a boat, this is certainly not the time to try.