The most dangerous day in your child’s life is the day he/she is born. While the baby in the womb does not breathe and uses his mother’s oxygen to survive and thrive, now he has to be all by himself.

At the moment of the birth, the lungs suddenly expand and fill with air and the complex breathing mechanism sets in. Moreover sudden changes occur in the baby’s blood circulation through the heart and lungs; and within a few hours, the baby learns how to suck, swallow and digest milk.

Equally important for the baby’s future is the emotional “bond” with his parents, especially his/her mother. The new born baby’s survival and development depend on the strength of this attachment. Psychologists believe that the mother – child relationship will influence the quality of all future links. This bonding impacts the relationship the kid will develop with other people.

The 9 months of pregnancy provide ample time to the parents to accept the child as a future member of their family.

In some cases, the parents already know whether it’s a baby boy or a girl. And thus they prepare accordingly.

But the actual feeling of seeing and touching the new baby is indeed a very special experience. Many hospitals provide a quiet room or cubicle where the parents can spend the hours following their baby’s birth, making his acquaintance and rejoicing in private.

Unless the mother has been administered anaesthesia or a sedative drug considering her medical condition, the baby is likely to be wide awake and alert.

After the first few minutes of yelling, the baby will now be quite and will seem to be looking around for new things. The baby opens his eyes and enjoys eye-to-eye contact with people around.

He may even appear to respond to the rhythm of their conversation by small movements of his mouth and limbs. The parents quite naturally use a special voice to the baby, and are delighted by the perfection of his fingers and toes and the feel of his skin. Besides the joy of this encounter, the mother experiences changes in her hormones which stimulate her womb to contract and her breasts to function.

This meeting with your child will let loose numerous memories of your own childhood. As a parent you’ll vow to give him the best always.