Salt intake of the child must be carefully monitored as too much salt can be dangerous for the health of the child. Avoid adding additional salt in the food that you cook for your baby.

While buying food from outside try to buy food which has low salt content.

After six months the baby is allowed to eat additional food other than milk. The kidneys of the babies are too immature to deal with any added salt and thus can fall prey to various problems such as chest or other infections.

Though it is advisable to serve the same food to toddlers as the rest of the family but still it is recommended to keep salt quantity low.

Keep salt to a minimum level in the food of a pre-school child so that they do not get high blood pressure in the later stage.

Make child eat well-balanced and healthy diet when he/she is in school. The children sometimes take in high quantities of sale by consuming chips and fries. It is important that they eat more of fruits.