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Ideal combination of foods for 12-18 months old babies :


As our babies turn a year older, we shall see certain changes taking place in their food habits. Their diet must be planned accordingly, in order to meet their nutrition needs. For the first 6 months, they are usually given breast milk or lactogen and other products . As they grow old, they undergo certain changes and they would eventually require additional nutrients , which cannot be solely sufficed by breastfeeding.

But , at the same time , the parents cannot give them heavy foods to eat and they have to give moist food products as well. So, their diets have to be planned accordingly.

The parents can start by providing them mashed fruits- for e.g apples by grating them in a mixer. Now is also a good time to introduce cow milk to kids, but it must be done in smaller amount- around 200-300 ml per day would suffice.

Their protein needs can be fulfilled through the introduction of various dals , which can be fed to them in the form of khichdi. The khichdi should be light and prepared using the simplest of ingredients, otherwise it may lead to indigestion.

The toddlers may start fidgeting with their foods- it might become a tough ask for parents to feed them at one go. They can try to feed them in smaller amounts at regular intervals. Like , they can give milk in morning and rice two hours later. These are some of the ways through which the parents can provide a healthy diet to their kids.

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