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How to teach self control to kids ?


Managing a kid’s behaviour is quite difficult, especially when they tantrums in public places. For example, they may start crying uncontrollably, show rude behaviour, sit down on floors in front of people to get their demands fulfilled, which the parent is not wishing to do at that moment.

It is very important to instil a sense of self-control in kids as it would prevent them from becoming spoilt brats in future. This teaching process has to be initiated as early as possible.

For instance, a toddler may  show displeasure through crying if their demands are not fulfilled, eventually forcing their parents to give in to their demands.

This must be avoided at all. The parents can make an attempt to distract them with various activities. This would make them forget their demands.

As they grow up, other tactics can be tried as well and they must be explained as to why they should not show such behaviour and at times their tantrums have to be ignored.

At times, they must be punished and rewarded, if they show desirable behaviour. Also, the parents must also show self-control so that the kids follow their foot steps and behave well.


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