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How to take care of a new- born child?


The newly turned parents are expected to be anxious about their new-born child and how should they take proper care of their kids who are seeing the light of the day for the first time. No wonder, arrival of a child brings joy, happiness to a family.

But it is also accompanied by a host of changes, like the modification of family dynamics. The parents must adapt to the changing conditions and provide the best care for their child.

Firstly, they must follow certain etiquettes while they are handling the child – like washing their hands before touching the baby, supporting the neck region while holding the baby and so on. Also, it must be ensured that no one in the time of playing with the baby, throws it up in air as it may cause internal bleeding and nerve damage.


The babies tend to sleep 16 hours a day, but they might not do it in a regular pattern. They need comfortable place to sleep – so they must be made to sleep on their backs, without using any pillows as such. The parents need to wake up every 2-3 hours at night and check their baby.

The babies can be bathed using the sponge bath technique at least for the first 4 weeks- in order to allow the umbilical cord to go off completely and then a tub can be used for their bathing. Special attention must be paid to their food consumption and their body growth. The parents may feel tired, nervous at first but they would get habituated to it eventually. Watching your child grow up is a memorable experience and it must be made as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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