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How to take care of a new-born baby amidst this Covid?


The period of 9 months is quite a tough period – mentally , physically for a would – be mother .  So, when a baby is born, it fills the mother with an eternal bliss and happiness. Babies need extra special care as they are delicate. Naturally , we treat them with utmost care and caution .

However, mothers and their families now have to show extra caution for the new-borns in this pandemic. By now , we are all aware of the destruction caused by this miniscule object . Although the virus has mostly affected the elders, some cases of infants catching Covid also came up.

There is also a stern possibility of a third wave hitting India and it is expected that the children would be the worst sufferers this time around. This has prompted the state governments to arrange for more ICUs and neonatal, prenatal care beds. So, as parents, we need to follow certain precautions as well.

One aspect that is needed to be taken care of is that the parents should not allow the new-borns to come in contact with outsiders and minimize the family greetings by keeping such interactions over video calling apps.

The parents should keep themselves clean and wash their hands before touching their babies. The mother can keep her mask on while breastfeeding her baby, especially if she has Covid. It is not always possible to keep a new-born away from her mother , even if she has Covid . The parents, expecting mothers should get vaccination done and can consult their gynaecologists for the same.

These are some of the steps that can be followed to keep the new-borns safe and secure.


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