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How to provide proper immunity to your child in this pandemic ?


No one at the starting of 2020 could have imagined the outbreak of Covid 19 and the devastation it would end up causing . This virus is specifically affecting those who have a weak immunity , which is resulting in death due to complications . This pandemic has brought into question the way we lead our lives at present , pointing out our ignorance of healthy habits .

In this context , we need to give attention to the health of children , as they are not getting enough outdoor exercises – leading a sedentary lifestyle and spending a large part of the day on internet , attending online classes .

One thing we should keep in mind that we should not encourage the short cut methods to improve our immunity – like taking zinc and Vitamin C supplements . If we continue to administer them to the children for a long period of time , it may cause adverse health effects like cancer , gum problems . We should encourage the children to do exercises , yoga and develop within them the habit of having nutritious food and balanced diet . Proper sleep of 8 hours is needed for a child and we must ensure that they are getting that amount of sleep everyday . The kids should have limited online screen usage and they can be made to help their parents in household chores – like cleaning of bookshelves etc . These are some of the ways in which we can keep the children healthy in this testing times .

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