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How to protect a child from sexual abuse ?


A child- be it from any race, religion , caste , creed, nationality can suffer from sexual abuse. This is probably the worst experience a child can suffer from in their lifetime. The cases of child abuse makes us question the spirit of humanity in the society.
They can suffer child abuse by various means- more often than not it comes from someone they know. It might be from their uncles, cousins and other family members . They make the kids trust them and then end up abusing them.
All these create a scathing experience for the child. They can even suffer from such abuse at public places and public transports as well. They might fall into depression, have trust issues or may end up suffering from severe injuries. They might face difficulties to bond with others and may not be able to come out of this trauma at all.
So , in order to overcome and avoid these problems, the parents need to first teach their kids about good and bad touch and also about their body parts. These are sensitive topics and utmost care must be taken by the parents to explain the same to the kids.
The parents- kids must share a good bond so that the kids do share their thoughts , secrets with them. The parents must be supportive and encourage their kids to speak up and take action if they have suffered from such incidents . The kids must let their parents know about whom they are interacting with. These are some of the ways to keep your child safe from sexual abuse.

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