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How to prevent nappy rashes ?


Nappy rashes are common in new-borns. Mostly they’re harmless and they usually form at the bottom side of the new-borns. Usually, they can be cured using home treatments and ointment.

But they can turn serious as well, like releasing of white coloured puss from those rashes. If the rashes continue to stay for a longer period of time, then a physician has to be consulted.

There are various reasons for which nappy rash can develop- for instance due to the overnight soaking of stools or urine in the nappies, causing skin irritation in the baby.

They might also have an attack of bacterial infection which can cause such things. It is also dependent on the type of food they are eating as it  changes the nature of schools they pass accordingly .  Also, putting on tight fitting diapers and nappies cause friction in that area which may result in development of rashes later on.

In order to cure them, ointment must be applied and proper food items must be given to the kids so that they do not pass too much hard or stool.

The rashes must be cleaned using warm water and must be  properly wiped before putting on the diapers.

Their bottom portions can be kept exposed to the air, so that they dry of naturally.  Extra special care must be taken if they are using cloth nappies. They must be washed with detergents and warm water and tight  fitting clothes must be avoided for kids.

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