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How to prepare your kids for a spell-bee competition?


Spell bee is quite a tough competition crack and in order to do so, one needs to have hours and hours of practicing writing, reading and spelling out words.
The competition is mainly for the school going students and kids and in order to prepare for the same, the parents need to help their kids about it with a particular schedule and that too with time in advance and not for to five days a week before competition.
Ideally, the students have to prepare a year or 2 in advance from the competition in order to do well over there. The parents need to help their kids with some with some of the basics like they must be taught about homophones, suffix, prefix and what letters should be omitted while speaking.
A clear idea of articles and singular, plural must be developed. The kids must be made to know about the etymology, that is the language from which the particular word has been derived.
They can be made to play word best games in order to make the spelling strong and must be encouraged to read up new materials and note down the spellings and try to read them out with the help of the sounds.
The participants must have the curiosity of finding out similar words with the same sound and go through dictionaries and practice writing the same.
Before the competition, they must practice public speaking as to how to face the audience and have a good concentration so that they do not mishear words on stage. These are some of the steps that can be followed to do well in such events.

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