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How to motivate your kids to study well?


Its difficult at times to make your kids sit down for study. We mostly associate this to their restlessness, laziness, idleness and what not. On contrary, some of the kids are genuinely interested in their studies and they don’t need the constant pushing from their parents for studying.
However, there are kids who are at all not interested or motivated to study well. In that case , the guardians do need to follow certain measures in order to bring back their interest in studies.
Firstly, the guardians need to have a talk with their kids in order to know the reason of their disinterest- it might be because of their difficulty in following certain areas or concepts and if identified, the parents can help them to solve their problems.
Another tip that can be used is to prepare a proper study schedule, in which the child can attend all subjects with equal attention. The lessons can be taught to them in an innovative way – through real-life examples, stimulations etc.
Proper study breaks must be given as well- for instance a 10-minute break can be awarded after 2 hours of continuous study. They must receive reinforcements whenever they perform well. This would motivate them to work even harder next time around.
These are some of the steps in order to make your kids motivated for their academics.

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