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How to manage parents’ interview in Pre-School Admission Tests ?


Nowadays , along with the admission tests of kids, the Montessori schools and others prefer to take an interview of their parents as well. The marks obtained by them plays a part in selection of their kids to that  particular institution.

Mostly the private schools and some of the government schools conduct this exercise. They may ask questions like- the family structure of the child, about siblings if any, about financial condition, home environment , location of house or maybe the bond shared by the guardians among themselves.

The interview board brings up those questions – mixture of open ended and direct questions to understand those facts about kids which is not revealed through their  written or oral examination. Through such questions , the board gets an idea of that kid’s home environment- whether the parents are supportive or not, whether the kids are well versed with the outside world. Some of the other details like medical ones would allow the school to take some action in case the child falls in in class.

So, the parents do need to follow certain strategies to face such questions and give satisfactory answers to the same. They must give honest answers and not conceal anything from the interviewers. When one tries to boast about something, it gets reflected through the way they speak. In case of personal, open-ended questions, they must think and come up with interesting, yet truthful answers. The parents can also seek consultation from certain forums, which have come up to train the guardians for such kind of interviews. All these steps, if followed, might prove to be useful in the admission process of their child.

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