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How to make your kids take interest in poetry?


Poems are undoubtedly a beautiful creation of the English language.  The poems have interesting wordplays, imageries, similes and rhetoric.

It will be quite good that if a child gets introduced poetry as it would allow the child to develop imagination, vocabulary, phonetics and may make the child to come up with their own poems.

It would be difficult for a kid to understand inner meanings of a poetry from the very first go. In order to make them take interest in poems, first of all such kind of poems must be chosen which are quite animatic in nature and have nonsensical verses but are equally impressive in rhyming and they sound funny when they are read out.

That is how the child would learn to think and use synonyms, antonyms and combinations would enhance vocabulary.

They might start tinkering with the words to come up with their own ideas. Later on, the ideas of the poem must be made clear to them as to what the lines mean. This might stimulate their thought process and may end up composing their own verses.

At first, their lines may not make sense, but the kids must be encouraged to form such sentences and who knows they may end up creating good pieces of poetry by themselves. Later on, the kids may develop critical ideas as they grow old and experiment with other forms as well.

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