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How to make your kids take interest in music of previous eras?


Kids do not take much interest in older songs and music and follow mostly hip hop and EDM tracks. It is true that each of such form have their own melody, vibe, but it is quite important for the kids to know about the previous era of music as it contains our heritage and culture. At least we must make some efforts to make our kids know about such kind of music.

Parents have to play a sort of constructive role and not force or impose anything. First of all we need to have to a friendly conversation with them, get to know each others music taste, so when they see that their parents are e sharing their interests, they would  gradually show interest in your music taste as well.

We need to make them understand why you have an attachment for such songs. It is not important to change the music taste of your kids, but you can make them know about some of your choices of songs, for example if they’re sad, you can play the music off sadness, in order for them to relate to so that they can understand why you prefer listening to those kinds of songs over the newer ones.

Gradually, they would take interest in those music styles, allowing a friendly mode of interaction. Singing contests can be held with kids and share stories of creation of such songs. This is how the knowledge would get passed onto the next generation.

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