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How to make your kids pick up good values ?


We are social beings and we all have certain responsibility towards our society and its fellow members. The same thing must be taught to the kids as well. They to need to develop certain values within themselves to order to become a good social being and fulfill their responsibilities.

But it is easier to be said than done because kids might need a lot of explanation to understand moral lessons.

More often than not it may happen that they may learn the opposite things the to the ones which are being taught by the parents from their peers, environment, entertainment sources and other things.

As they spend much of their time in schools as compared to their homes, they are more likely to pick up the values or rather the behavioral traits of their peers.

A thing which the parents can do is to have a frank conversation with their kids and try to make them understand and differentiate between the good values and the negative ones. Kids must be taught to respect their elders. They must follow good manners- like healthy food habits, healthy sleep cycle, proper balanced diet. Since they are the members of society, they need to follow certain rules like helping the ones who are needy, assisting the disabled, caring for the nature as well for the animals. The explanations must be supplemented by examples for which the parents have to turn themselves as the ideal example, since kids imitate whatever their parents do.

The parents must set a good example in order to make their kids good social beings.


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