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How to make your kids learn alphabets :


As soon as our kids reach the age when they become eligible for pre-schooling , the parents have to initiate the learning of alphabets in them . It is tough at first to teach letters to them , as they would be restless to stay at a place for long periods of time .

The parents need to follow certain tricks in order to make their kids learn alphabets . Firstly , the elders have to show patience . The kids , though they develop the ability of learning and recognizing things , but they are impatient and restless and would lack the ability to pay attention for longer periods . So , an interactive teaching procedure has to be followed in order to catch their attention . We have to take it slow – like teaching them 5 alphabets per week .

Animations can also be used – where it can be shown the things which starts with the particular alphabet they are learning , in order to make it understandable for them .  The lessons need to be repeated as well ,least they forget .

Also , the kids can be made to play certain games like letter identification , listening of songs about alphabets. They should be given time to grasp the concepts and they must be given positive reinforcements whenever they perform well . These are some of the steps that can be followed to make alphabet learning easier for the kids.

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