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How to make your kids have fruits ?


The kids usually start having fruits and vegetables after they turn a year old. They start developing teeth, which enables them to start consuming those products. The health benefits provided by fruits are immense. Apples act as good source of fibre , which helps in the digestion process. It also has pectin, which kills bad bacteria. Fruits like lemon, grapes act as a good source of Vitamin C. Banana has Vitamin B6, which is essential for having a good skin. Banana also helps in muscle development of kids.
Avocados are rich in Vitamin E. Grapes have antioxidants in them and peaches have beta carotene, which allows the absorption of Vitamin A in the body. Hence, they must form a part of the diet of a growing child.
Having said that, we know about the eating habits of kids. They are picky eaters and most of them would actually not like having fruits on a daily basis. So, the parents need to show some innovation for this purpose. They can cut the fruits in various, interesting shapes and designs in order to catch the attention of their kids. Fruit juices can be given to them once in a while. Smoothies can be prepared. Fruits can also be given in a mashed form to them and most importantly, the parents should have the habit of healthy eating in order to make their kids follow the same practice.

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