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How to make your kids disciplined ?


Parents have a huge influence on their children . Whatever they do , their ward imitate the same . They must maintain a proper decorum in house and must show good behavior and life skills in order to make their kids learn the same .

But at times , this does not prove to be enough . Because of outside influences , friends etc – kids at time end up picking inappropriate behavior and traits , which makes them to go astray .

So kids must be made to follow discipline early on . It helps them to stay on track and live a good life . First of all , the parents must see to the fact that their kids are maintaining a proper sleep cycle and must be encouraged to follow a healthy diet . The parent – child should not have a communication gap . Proper reinforcements must be given for good behavior and punishment for bad activities . A boundary must be set so that the kids are aware of their limits .

They must be properly explained about what is right and what is not good for them.  Like , they should respect their parents and they must be taught how to behave in a public place . These are some of the ways by which we can make the kids disciplined .

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